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[Fanmix] John Grimm - Kill the Reaper
As per usual, when I fall in love with someone or something, I am making a fanmix about it! This time I fell in love with the movie Doom and the character of John Grimm. Grimm being portrayed by my newest celebrity crush, Karl Urban, is just a beautiful addition to a perfect character. I just love it when a boy knows how to handle big guns <3 Okay, nevermind, here it is, fanmix for John "Reaper" Grimm, for the events on Olduvai and John's life after that.

Kill the Reaper - John 'Reaper' Grimm
Doom fanmix by Kasinka

13 tracks ~ 48min ~ .mp3 ~ 65,8Mb

1. Linkin Park - One Step Closer [Reaper right before all Hell broke loose on Olduvai]
I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance.

2. Celldweller - Switchback ["You chose this Reaper. Is this gonna spoil my day?"]
A painful picture that I can't forget
Now what I see is what I get
It's too late to look back
I've got no way to switchback

3. 30 Seconds To Mars - The Battle Of One
Try and stop me
Try and save me
I want to fall
I want to fall
I want to fall...

4. Placebo - One Of A Kind
Two of a kind and no one home,
I'm in a crowd and I'm still alone,
Can't you see these skies are breaking?
Cos one of a kind is all I own.

5. Diversant:13 - Soulreaper
"What do I want?
I want to play a game."

6. Sick Puppies - You're Going Down [Reaper versus Sarge]
It's been a long time coming
And the table's turned around
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
I'm not running,
It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down

7. Oomph! - Wake Up!
Wake up, now you're stuck in this game
And even if you run the score is the same
Wake up, now you're stuck in this game
You're just stuck in this game

8. Korn - Evolution
And I'm sorry that I don't believe
by the evidence that I see
That there's any hope left for me
It's evolution
Just evolution

9. Muse - Stockholm Syndrome
This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is the last time I'll forget you
I wish I could
I wish I could

10. Disturbed - The Curse [years after John's still not at peace with who he is]
Too dark for forgiveness, I
Can't seem to do anything right
When I try to rebuild I see my humble shelter
Just fall to the ground again

11. Three Days Grace - Get Out Alive [Sam and John's parents]
'No time for goodbye', he said
As he faded away
'Don't put your life in someone's hands
They're bound to steal it away'
'This is my last time', she said
As she faded away
'It's hard to imagine
But one day you'll end up like me'

12. Shinedown - Better Version
How about a better version of, the way that I am
How about a better version that, makes me understand
How about a better version of, the way that I am
The way I look, The way I speak,
How about a better version of me

13. Rise Against - Savior [for Samantha]
That's when she said 'I don't hate you boy
I just want to save you while there's still something left to save'
That's when I told her 'I love you girl
But I'm not the answer for the questions that you still have

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[Fanmix] Kirk/McCoy - I hate everyone (but you)
keep the brain melting stuff to ourselve
If I don't stop making fanmixes for every new fandom I'm getting into, I may run out of songs soon!
At the beginning I wanted it to be only Leonard McCoy mix, but when I started to look for the songs, I decided there's too many of perfect McKirk songs to let the opportunity pass. For some reason this is way more shipper-y than I intended and definitely not as angsty as the McKirk fanmixes I listened so far. Well, hope you'll enjoy!

I hate everyone (but you) - Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Star Trek fanmix by Kasinka

Dedicated to Liz, live long and prosper my dear!

14 tracks ~ 57min ~ .mp3 ~ 81,5Mb

1. Incubus – Oil and Water [Kirk & Bones]
You and I are like oil and water
And we've been trying, trying, trying
Ohhhh, to mix it up.

2. Say Anything - Hate Everyone [Bones]
Well if you think I’m being harsh
Well, baby, keep on counting stars
Because I hate everyone
I hate everyone

3. Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine [Kirk → Bones]
Your love is like bad medicine
Bad medicine is what I need
Shake it up just like bad medicine
So let's play doctor baby, cure my disease

4. Our Lady Peace - Starseed [Bones]
I let go of the world that was holding
A passenger that could not fly
In search of souls
In search of something
Let it go
Let it slide

5. Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart [Bones → Kirk]
You lose yourself
No not for pity's sake
There's no real reason to be lonely
Be yourself

6. Ludo - In Space [Bones → Kirk]
In space, all I think about is you and me and atmosphere.
This place is terrible and endless
Counting moon rocks for the cause, just me in a little pod
I can't wait for gravity to bring you close to me.

7. Modest Mouse -  Never Ending Math Equation [Kirk]
Oh my God, I've gotta move on
Where do you move when what you're moving from
Is yourself?

8. Guns n' Roses - Better [Kirk]
No one ever told me when
I was alone
They just thought I'd know better, better

9. Stars vs. The Album Leaf - Opinions vs. The Sun [Bones → Kirk]
Steady eyes staying level on me
I hope I never see what they see
You'll always feel it, you're the sweetest one
Let's let them live their whole lives bored

10. Aerosmith - Spaced [Kirk]
Spaced in time
Child of nine doing twenty years on the way
Fire and steel, earth unreal
Find another planet to stay

11. Royal Republic - Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut [Kirk → Bones]
Don't you tell me that I never
I will show you what I’m made of
Ready for the easy hey come on, let's go outside and play
What you say?

12. Robert Palmer - Bad Case Of Loving You [Kirk → Bones]
Doctor Doctor, gimme the news
I got a bad case of lovin' you
No pill's gonna cure my ill
I've got a bad case of lovin' you

13. People In Planes - Scratch To Void [Bones]
I have issues
With good news
I don't trust
Them on you

14. U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own [Bones → Kirk]
You don't have to put up a fight
You don't have to always be right
Let me take some of the punches
For you tonight
Listen to me now
I need to let you know
You don't have to go it alone

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[Fanmix] Johnlock - Science and Machinery
Science and Machinery - BBC Sherlock
fanmix by Kasinka

1. Travis - Why Does It Always Rain
I can't sleep tonight
Everybody saying everything's alright
Still I can't close my eyes
I'm seeing a tunnel at
The end of all these lights

2. UNKLE - Ghosts (String Reprise)

3. Coldplay - Cemeteries Of London
At night they would go walking ‘til the breaking of the day,
The morning is for sleeping…
Through the dark streets they go searching to seek God in their own way,
Save the nighttime for your weeping…
Your weeping…
Singing la lalalala la le…
And the night over London rang.

4. Hurts - Illuminated
Time waits for no one,
So do you want to waste some time,
Oh, oh tonight?
Don't be afraid of tomorrow,
Just take my hand, I'll make it feel so much better tonight.

5. Garbage - Beloved Freak
So here you stand, beloved freak
The world is at your feet
Here you stand, beloved freak
The world is at your feet

6. Phoenix - Victim Of The Crime
Burn my leather coat
I need to change my suit
You don't listen to a single word i say
Lies + hidden codes = what they do
And you're the victim of the crime

7. The National - Beautiful Head
Redefining yourself
Designing yourself
You haven't looked at me forever
Got a diagram of your associations
A strategy
You're weighing your options

8. Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car
Emotive unstable you're like an unwinding cable car
Listening for voices, but it's the choices that make us who we are
Go your own way, even seasons have changed just burn those new leaves over
So self-absorbed you've seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about

9.  Silversun Pickups - Mercury
When machines in your room can't survive
And all your devices stand by
Never know why
It's my way
It's my way

10. Mostly Autumn - Science and Machinery
So take some comfort in the science and machinery
But like he said, it's paper-thin and wouldn't come to me
We need the gaze of others' eyes to make it concrete
Or our adrenaline turns sour

11. Carolina Liar - Something To Die For
I'm fighting private wars again
Just second thoughts of where and when
So peel me off the hook,
That's something to die for
Won't you see it in your heart
You should know you always played your part
Real good, oh yeah
That's something to die for

12. Editors - Open Your Arms
Look up look up look up there
It's a long way down
Look up look up look up now
It's a long way down

13. Goo Goo Dolls - Can't Let It Go
I was your anger
And you were my fear

Now that it's over
Of course it's so clear
But you were no angel
And I was no sin
Somehow I can't let it go
I can't let it go

14. Greg Laswell - Your Ghost
If I walk down this hallway
Tonight, it's too quiet
So I pat through the dark
And call you on the phone
Push your old numbers
And let your house ring
Till I wake your ghost

15. Sum 41 - Pieces
I tried to be perfect
But nothing was worth it
I don’t believe it makes me real
I thought it’d be easy
But no one believes me
I meant all the things I said

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[Fanmix] John Porter - Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan
Apparently I deal with new favourite characters emotions by making fanmixes for them. I even signed into 8tracks for this one! I've never made a fanmix so quickly in my life. And three-part mix it is! Every part could be listened individually. Hope you'll enjoy!

John Porter - Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan
Three part Strike Back mix by Kasinka.

1. The Offspring - Baghdad
Warrior, the time bombs
About to go
What will you feel
Will you even wonder
If the man that's in your sights
Ever kissed his girl goodbye

2. AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Sound of the drums
Beating in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart
You've been

3. 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane
Tell me would you kill to save a life?
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?
Crash, crash, burn, let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground

4. Shinedown - Stranger Inside
Have you ever felt lost inside?
Have you ever stepped out of the light
And realized there's a stranger inside?

5. Big Head Todd & the Monsters (feat. John Lee Hooker) - Boom Boom
Boom boom boom boom
Gonna shoot you right down
Offa your feet

6. A Perfect Circle - Renholdër
Allow me to let it go
Allow me to be forgiven
Show me the way to let go

7. Skillet - Hero
Who's gonna fight for what's right
Who's gonna help us survive
We're in the fight of our lives
And we're not ready to die

8. Warrant - The Power
'Cause I can feel that I can
Show the world that I am
Really here to stay
Hey yo
I'm ready
I know I got the power

9. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man
And be a simple kind of man
Oh be somethin' you love and understand
Baby be a simple kind of man
Oh won't you do this for me son, if you can?

10. Green Day - Horseshoes and Handgrenades
Maybe you're the runner up
But the first one to lose the race
Almost only really counts in
Horseshoes and Handgrenades

11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
There is no peace here
War is never cheap dear
Love will never meet here
It just gets sold for parts

12. Hans Zimmer - Ashes to Ashes

13. P.O.D. (feat. Eek-A-Mouse) - Ridiculous
Put on the full armor, cause you know these fools they're gonna wanna
Talk behind your back, but stay away from the drama

14. Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land
Trying to find, trying to find where I've been.

15. Chemical Brothers (feat. Willy Mason) - Battle Scars
There's a road ahead
'tween the live and dead
Church bells are ringing like the panic in my head
Step, step, one by one
Walk into the setting sun
Water's rising, rising fast
History catching up at last

16. The Prodigy - Spitfire
If I was in World War Two they'd call me spitfire
If I was in World War Two they'd call me spit. Fire
Cause you know that I can

17. Nine Inch Nails - The Good Soldier
Blood hardens in the sand
Cold metal in my hand
Hope you understand the way that things are gonna be
There's nowhere left to hide
'Cause God is on our side
I keep telling myself

18. System Of A Down - Arto

19. Rise Against - Whereabouts Unknown
The blackest night
The midnight sun
The covered tracks and days spent on the run
The strangers we've become
These whereabouts unknown
Please know you can come home
It's alright

20. 3 Doors Down - Duck and Run
This world can turn me down but I
Won’t turn away
And I won’t duck and run, cause
I'm not built that way
When everything is gone there is
Nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause I'm already here

21. Alice in Chains - Rooster
Ain't found a way to kill me yet
Eyes burn with stinging sweat
Seems every path leads me to nowhere

22. Jack Wall - Afghanistan 2025

23. Disturbed - Warrior
As I look upon you through
The warrior’s eyes now
I can see the fear that will
Ensure my victory this time

24. Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes
Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

25. Linkin Park - Points of Authority
Forfeit the game
Before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame
And puts your name to shame

26. Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days
Whatsoever I've feared has
Come to life
Whatsoever I've fought off
Became my life

27. The Black Angels - Better Off Alone
Try me out for the evening. Living in a lie.
Your figure is alarming, take me to that fire.
I'm better off alone.

Listen on 8tracks
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[Fanmix] John Mitchell - Burning Bright
Watching Being Human was the best and the worst decision of my life. Mitchell is my new favourite vampire and I cried oceans because of him. So I tried to channel all my feelings for Mitchell's character into music. Enjoy!

John Mitchell - Burning Bright
A Being Human fanmix by Kasinka

16 tracks ~ 1h 7min ~ .mp3 ~ 104 Mb

1. Shinedown - Burning Bright
The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I'm burning, burning bright

2. The National - Green Gloves
Get inside their clothes with my green gloves
Watch their videos in their chairs
Get inside their beds with my green gloves
Get inside their heads, love their loves

3. UNKLE - Awake the Unkind
And you look
And you find
And you wake
The unkind
Guess the stake
In my mind
Is driven by your kind

4. The Rolling Stones - (I Can Get No) Satisfaction
I can't get no satisfaction
I can't get no satisfaction
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

5. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Nature of the Beast
It's the nature of the beast
To satisfy his every appetite

6. Timber Timbre - Patron Saint Hunter
They know what you did ain't right
Keep the family in
Keep the family sin
Daddy, lock the temple door
Evil isn't in your core

7. Audioslave - One and the Same
Well they don't hate you, you know they love you
But they're gonna come kill you
They don't mean you any harm
It's just what they do

8. Eagles of Death Metal - Anything 'cept the Truth
I only smile when I tell a lie
I swear the only one tonight

9. Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal

10. David Usher - Black Black Heart
Search for pleasure search for pain
In this world now I am undying
I unfurl my flag my nation helpless

11. Jimmy Eat World - Pain
Anyone can see my every flaw.
It isn't hard.
Anyone can say they're above this all.
It takes my pain away.

12. U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Broken bottles under children's feet
Bodies strewn across the dead end street
But I won't heed the battle call
It puts my back up
Puts my back up against the wall

13. Brand New - Noro
I'm on my way to hell
Well I've tried, god knows that I've tried
I'm on my way to hell

14. Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
Who wants to live forever,
Who dares to love forever,
When love must die.

15. Hurt - How We End Up Alone
Together we are nothing
I'm fucking scared to be alone

16. Civil Twilight - Human
It's only love, it's only pain
It's only fear that runs through my veins
It's all the things you can't explain
That make us human
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Post-note: Originally this fanmix had 26 tracks, but it was way too big to post and wouldn't make nice two-part mix even when I tried. Choosing which tracks to delete was the hardest thing I've ever done, seriously.
Post-note2: There's a typo in the tracklist cover which I've noticed afted uploading the picture and the .rar file. Kudos to the one's who'll find it and I am endlessly sorry for that.

[Fanmix] Supernatural Apocalypse AU - Goodbye Cruel World
Inspired by this post and this fanmix.

Goodbye Cruel World - A Supernatural Apocalypse!AU
What if Sam and Dean said yes to Lucifer and Michael?

fanmix by Kasinka

yay for me being creative and making giffed cover!
14 tracks ~ 48 min ~ .mp3 ~ 82,9Mb
1. Trivium - The End Of Everything

2. Nine Inch Nails – Vessel
I let you put it in my mouth
I let it get under my skin
I let you put it in my veins
I let you take me from within

3. Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals
I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse

4. Red - Watch You Crawl
I will fight until the end
Get ready to collide
And I will watch you fall again
I'll bury you alive

5. Foo Fighters – DOA
It's a shame we have to die my dear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time
What a way to go, they have no fear
No ones getting out of here, alive
This time

6. Adema – Immortal
I know who you are
The leader of lost souls
You can't kill me
I'm immortal
I'm not afraid to die
My soul will travel on
You can't kill me
I'm immortal

7. Civil Twilight – Letters from the sky
One of these days the sky's gonna break
And everything will escape and I'll know
One of these days the mountains
Are gonna fall into the sea

8. Serj Tankian - Sky Is Over
Everybody knows
That you cradle the sun, sun
Living in remorse
Sky is over

9. Queens of the Stone Age - 18 A.D.
There is no yesterday
There is no tomorrow
Can't ask me in other words
Over and over
We have forgotten

10. Arcade Fire - Speaking in tongues
Hypocrite reader,
My double, my brother
Your daddy really took it out of you
But did he speak it in tongues?
But did he speak it in tongues?

11. 69 Eyes – Angels
Nothing's left here but the sun
The human race is on the run
The ancient gods should have told
The earth has never felt this old
Countdown has begun
Apocalypse has got a son

12. Muse - Apocalypse Please
Proclaim eternal victory
Come on and change the course of history
And pull us through
And pull us through
And this is the end
This is the end of the world

13. My Chemical Romance - Heaven Help Us
Make your choice
They say you've been pleading
Someone save us
Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll hear the sound
As you're falling down

14. Pink Floyd - Goodbye Cruel World
Goodbye, cruel world,
I'm leaving you today.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Download .rar from Sendspace
Listen to the playlist on Youtube
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Glee review
Sebastian OMG

Wow, long time no see, LJ! Well, nothing important happened so I didn't know what to say for.... six months(!). But now I come to you with shiny new


I recently finished watching Glee. I heard all and only bad reviews about this show, so I was kind of reluctant about watching it. But when I started… It changed me. I really REALLY liked it. Usually I hate with passion song covers and I definitely don’t like any high school related TV shows, but somehow this was… nice to watch and listen. I could turn off all my brain functions for 45 minutes and just… don’t think about anything and live lives of all the Glee kids instead my own.

I know when I watch good screenplay and I know when I watch a terrible one. Usually Glee episodes were more of the terrible side, but they still were entertaining enough and funny enough so I kept on watching. You may not like this show, you may think their singing is bad, hell, I think that sometimes (I still want to throttle someone for that MCR SING cover. Jesus!), but in the end of day – this show is still good.
It’s something you watch when you have enough of FEELS, enough of ANGST and stifling (yet beautiful) plotlines of other shows. It’s good to watch with your little cousins and siblings (my 11-year-old bro is in love with the Warblers and their blazers, so am I ;P)

As for acting – all of the actors are still young, most of them have very short or even unexisting filmography and they made HUGE step from the season 1 to season 3, like, UNBELIEVABLE. And I personally adore that in all of them.

I may or may not like the way Cory looks or Chris’s voice or whatever, but these are things they cannot change and I don’t HATE person for that, just like I don’t hate myself for being chubby or for having brown eyes because I can’t change that, even though I don’t like these parts of me. This is actually a lesson Glee taught me. Oh and lessons Glee taught me! There’s so much of them, and even though I am almost 21, I can still find some perfect truths that this show teach me and this is what is actually perfect in Glee.

And songs. I am HUGE music geek. And I usually don’t like songs’ covers. I can count on one hand all the songs that have better covers than originals. And I assure you – there’s not even one song from Glee on this hand. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate a good singer. All Glee stars have beautiful, unique voices and they work SO HARD for every song they sing to be good. They’re full of enthusiasm and teenage passion for what they do. It’s beautiful. Of course they are not as good as original performances of their covered songs! They sing CLASSICS of music, they choose perfect beautiful songs that CANNOT be made better by ANYONE, and they have enough courage to sing them. It’s stunning!

I cannot say how disgusted I am for all people on Youtube, Tumblr and everywhere, who just moan and complain how Glee destroyed their favourite song. You don’t like Glee version, GO AND LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL! Noone tells you to listen to Glee versions, geez. I don’t hear that much complains about American Idol or Got Talent or ANY KNOWN REALITY SHOW OF THIS WORLD WHERE AMATEUR SINGERS PERFORM THEIR COVERS. And in most cases, these singers are way worse than kids from Glee.
You think Glee slaughtered your favourite song? Search for covers on YT or Myspace and listen, there are probably tons of them. If you find a cover that didn’t slaughter your song, then you can come and moan about Glee all you want. But you won’t. Because COVERS ARE ALWAYS WORSE THAN ORIGINAL. It’s like the Law of Nature. Kindly deal with it please.

In addition to all of that, Glee made me a hopeless fangirl for Darren Criss. Few weeks ago I didn’t know a word about him, and suddenly BAM! It took me few more weeks to actually fall in love with him, but I don’t regret it. I mean, at least one of my fangirl crushes shall be in somehow appropriate age for me to fantasy about. All others (like, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, RDJ, James McAvoy etc… they’re all at least ten years older than me, while Darren Criss is 25! I would be able to DATE this guy! O_O). without Glee I wouldn’t even know he exist, I wouldn’t know about Strakid Productions as well, and now I have brand new phone wallpaper (still can’t believe Darren dethroned Jensen from my phone screen… unbelievable!)

Yes, this is Darren Criss. No, this photo is not my wallpaper (yet).

Overall – Glee is cheesy. Glee is silly. Glee is sometimes boring. Glee has no consistency. Glee is plot-meagre. Glee cast has little to no experience. Glee songs are good for one performance, but they’re not something I’d like to listen to every day on the radio. But also Glee is a great show to de-stress. Glee is a great show to sing-along to. Glee is a show I would want my future children to watch. Glee can teach you values that every person on this world should know about (like, for example NO HATE. As for show that tells so much about hate and bullying, it gets really too much hate and bullying here on the Net…). I can personally relate to Glee characters on so many levels (at my Junior High I was a textbook example of an outsider and freak. There was a lot of bullying too…) and I am an adult. Imagine how many teenagers could relate to this? And I’m sure they could choose so so much worse people and shows to relate to than Glee. So all in all, I enjoy this little show. I watch it for entirely different reasons then I watch my other shows and yet I’m happy with that. And I feel endless pity for all the haters out there.

My rating for this series is 6.5/10. Some episodes are perfection distilled. Some episodes are just plain HORRIBLE. Sometimes I feel like producers, writers and stars are really trying, but the final effect is still shitty. Yet the intentions are important, right? So, the note is fairly high as for this kind of TV show.

[Fanmix] Dean/Impala - Beautiful Dangerous
This is the first part of my X-Mas Gift Exchange with esonador .

Dean/Impala - Beautiful Dangerous
Songs that Dean turns the volume up while driving.
fanmix by Kasinka

15 tracks ~ 1h ~ .mp3 and one .wma ~ 74,3Mb

1. Bon Jovi – Everyday
Hit the gas take the wheel
I just made myself a deal
There ain't nothing gonna get in my way

2. Slash feat. Fergie – Beautiful Dangerous
And you said "baby you ready to play"
Well come right on this rollercoaster
Cause it ain’t over, it ain’t over

3. Metallica – I Disappear
And I went on, then I went on down that road
I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer (…)
Do you bury me when I'm gone?

4. Parada Acústica – Roadhouse Blues (The Doors cover)
Keep your eyes on the road your hands upon the wheel (…)
Let it roll, baby roll
Let it roll all night long.

5. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away?

6. OK GO – Invincible
You're invincible.
That crushing, crashing, atom-smashing, white-hot thing
It's invincible.

7. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Conscience Killer
I'm a king, I'm a ruse,
I'm born again with no life to lose
Cause it don't mean all that much, does it?

8. The Vines – Ride
Fuck the world and liberate our time
Ride with me
Ride with me
Ride with me, Oh

9. Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror
Took a drive today
Time to emancipate
I guess it was the beatings made me wise
But I'm not about to give thanks, or apologize

10. The Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane
He was a hard-headed man
He was brutally handsome, and she was terminally pretty
She held him up, and he held her for ransom in the heart
Of the cold, cold city

11. The Subways – Rock And Roll Queen
You are so cool
You are so rock and roll
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen

12. Saxon – Wheels Of Steel
I've got a '68 Chevy with pipes on the side
You know she's my idea of beauty, that's what I drive
She's got wheels, wheels of steel

13. Blur – Song 2
When I feel heavy metal
And I’m pins and I’m needles
When I'm lying I'm easy

14. David Coverdale – Last Note Of Freedom
Here I am, burnin' man,
Singing the song of my open soul.
Will time pass me? (...)
I know the suffering will end, my friend,
When the last note of freedom is rung throughout the land.

15. Modest Mouse – Dashboard
It would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know
The dashboard melted but we still have the radio
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[Fanfiction] Where the Dreams are Born
Title: Where the Dreams are Born
Author: [info]kasinka16
Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers/Supernatural crossover
Pairing(s): Germancest & Wincest
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1800
Basic beta: meragenem - it'd be unreadable without her help. Thanks bb!
Warnings: seeeex! More so, incestuous boy/boy sex. And problems with identifying who actually participate in it. Definitely OOC for… probably all of them, so I apologize. It’s my first time writing this kind of fanfiction.
Disclaimer: There are four incredibly hot boys and none of them is mine, sadly.
Summary: Does PWP need a summary? Well… PWP with slight fluffy (for APH) and angsty (for SPN) plot at the end.
Notes: This is second part of my X-mas gift for [info]esonador. It’s totally not what I wanted to write for you as the Christmas present, that fic was already planned, all elaborate plot and smartass commentaries, just needed to be written. And it all went to hell, I couldn’t write, nothing, not even a sentence. I don’t know why. Like a wall in my head, total writer’s block. I decided to write something different (like, sex scene lol) to check if I suck at writing in general or just in that particular case of the other fic.
This is something I’ve just written under the spur of the moment. One minute the thought popped into my head and the next minute this sorta… happened. Kill me now.

Where The Dreams Are Born


Your brother gets you pinned to the wall and kisses frantically as soon as the doors of the room closes. You kiss back almost as hard, not knowing how long will it last, how long your brother will let you kiss him like that. For the first time in your life you don’t feel gnawing thoughts of wrong and illegal and incest in your gut. At least you can see in every nibble of your brother’s teeth at your lips that you’re not the only one with the issues here, not tonight.

You don’t want to think what tomorrow will bring, right now it’s only you and your big brother that matters - the way he nips and sucks at your tongue, the way he practically growls with lust while rocking his hips into yours. You want to show him how much he matters, who he is for you, how he made you everything you need to be these days. How much stronger you are with him by your side and no one would stop it, because there are no walls, neither real, nor mental ones that can ever change what you feel for him.

You deepen the kiss even more. You dig the fingers of one hand into his hip (“those freakishly big hands of yours”) to try and find good pace. The other hand sneaks under his shirt seeking hot skin at his back. You’d want him out of his clothes, but you don’t want to break the kiss long enough to let him undress. Thankfully he knows that and pulls you swiftly out from the wall and lies onto the bed, all without taking his tongue out of your mouth, that awesome brother of yours.

Once you’re both horizontal, that beautiful pale body, slightly shorter, but still muscular and undeniably manly frame lying on top of you, all suddenly seemed not enough and too much at the same time. The clothes (“why are we still fully dressed?”) are suffocating you and scratching the too hot skin underneath. You have to stop, stop for a second or search for more, more, you can’t decide which.

For a moment you don’t understand your body's demands, you’ve got everything you ever let yourself dream of, all of that and more. Your brother’s kissing you in such un-brotherly way, being with you through all of this mess that your emotions are right now, showing you how much he needs you, how much he loves you, maybe as much as you love him. But it still is not enough. You want to possess him, you want him to possess you, all other things in the world be damned. The wars, the civilians out there waiting to be saved by you and your brother… They wouldn’t understand, they don’t know who you really are, they aren’t like you, so why do you still care what others would think?

You feel like there’s not enough air in the room, but that doesn’t matter, because your brother takes all your breath anyway. While you broke the kiss and try to get your bearings from the overwhelming of everything that’s happening, he doesn’t wait. He gets both of you undressed (“fucking finally!”) and sucks a bruise onto the skin at your collarbone.

Now that you know exactly where it all will be heading, you’re giving as much as you get, rocking your hardness up into your brother’s and trading yur fingernails though short hair at his nape or digging at the small of his back. You want to touch him everywhere at the same time, and you want to be touched, too. You feel sweat gathering slowly in the dip between his shoulder blades while he rocks fast, humping your both hard dicks between your bodies.

You know he’s close, that's indicated by fluttering rhythm and the little noises he’s making, like he can’t hold them back anymore, just breathing into your neck already beyond comprehension. You know you’re not particularly silent either, but your senses are focused so intently on your older brother: all you can hear are his moans, all you can feel is his skin, and all you taste is his flavour in your mouth while you kiss him deep and hungry, showing all your love and affection into that kiss. And that’s it for him. He grinds hard once, twice, shudders and comes scorching hot over both of your bellies. And feeling this triggers you – your shouts muffled by his mouth when you add your load to the sticking mess.

And then, as suddenly as it all started, everything’s ended. He slides off of you and goes straight to the bathroom, not even looking back. For few awful long seconds you’re sure it was all a joke, a mistake. Your brother will come out and call everything off and you’ll stay here alone ‘cause he’ll hate you and he’ll leave you, calling you sick fuck and freak and all of the worst.

For a while that feels like eternity you despise yourself for what you did, because you couldn’t keep your sick thoughts to yourself, couldn’t be good normal brother that doesn’t lust after his own flesh and blood.

But then he emerges right out of the bathroom with damp cloth in his hand (“I hate feeling sticky, gross.”) and all that terrible thoughts leave you with one look at his face. His eyes changed colour slightly, turning a little bit more brown-ish in the dimmed light. He loves you, he always will and he would claw his heart out first before leaving you. Hell, he did, more than once. He already should be dead, because of you, for you, but he isn’t, ‘cause you’re too stubborn to let him go.

He cleans you up and you want to purr right now (“hey, I thought you’re more the dog person.”), all muscles tired but content. You feel yourself slipping into slumber while he slips under the covers and you crawl unconsciously to the new source of heat. You can feel his soft laugh under your palm, right with his steady beat of heart.


(“I always knew you’re a cuddler, Sammy.”)


Germany woke up with a gasp. He took few steadying breaths and opened his eyes. Prussia laid sprawled on his belly next to him, snoring softly, his white hair sticking in all directions. Ludwig composed himself slowly and thought about the dream.

This was one strange dream. He never praised himself for vivid imagination, so this dream was all the stranger. He looked suspiciously under the covers and flushed slightly. More so, it was very vivid, very strange and very wet dream about… well… not himself and his brother. That wouldn’t be suspicious at all.

The more disturbing part of the dream was that he could swear he wasn’t himself there, just like his brother wasn’t. His relationship with Gilbert was… thought-provoking at its best, and thoroughly screwed at worst, but he never, ever had dreamt about anyone else (those times with Feliciano don’t count!). It didn’t really change the reactions of his body and gave him one more reason to do laundry in the morning.

The weirdest of it all was that whoever in that dream they were, they still were brothers. And they still were hot for each other. Ludwig would swear there’s no one else in the entire world with psyche so freakish and life as aberrant as theirs to fall for your own brother. Even though they weren’t exactly human and it shouldn’t be so strange – not with all that in-bred marriages and unions between the countries – it still rose turmoil in some circles.

Maybe his subconscious wanted to tell him he’s not so cool and collected about this as he tried to convince himself he was. He turned on his side, put his arm around Gilbert’s waist and closed his eyes again. He snuggled closer to his brother so that his butt would avoid the stains. It wasn’t even dawn yet, it wouldn’t be effective to get up to clean the sheets now.

Ludwig sighed. Whoever was the couple in his dream, he wished them all the good luck, he knew all too well they will need it.


(“I always knew you’re a cuddler, West.”)


Sam woke up suddenly, already alert and ready to take down whatever comes at him. This time though, it was only a dream. Not even a nightmare. Not even close to a nightmare, judging by the wet spot at his boxers. Younger Winchester looked at the bed next to him, telling himself he’s just checking his brother’s safe, at the same time taking comfort for himself just from Dean’s presence.

Sam shouldn’t think about Dean in the middle of the night. He knew exactly where these thoughts lead him. At least tonight this… whatever he dreamed about… took care of the business during his sleep. It didn’t really make him feel less guilty. He knew it wasn’t any kind of vision – this was long closed story, thankfully – but it still left him with that… feeling. Like all the scenes he saw – he experienced – in the dream, like all of it was real. He definitely wasn’t himself back there. It wasn’t Dean he dreamed about as well. It was his brother, though, but how could Sam know it was his brother all the same if it wasn’t actually Dean? It was all sorts of screwed, or it was just Sam’s mind all sorts of screwed, coming with dreams like that. And it was slightly disturbing. Still not disturbing enough to tell his brother (“hey, Dean, I sometimes dream about us together but last night I’ve dreamed about some other brothers having sex, what do you think does it mean?”), but bad enough that Sam had to do something about it in the morning.

After cleaning himself up and lying back in the bed, he replayed the dream again in his head. As he indulged more into memories of the dream, he started to think, is it how would it look like with him and Dean? Could they ever look as... happy as that couple? Sam knew he never in the life of Earth would risk his current relationship with Dean to check it. He was good at hiding his feelings. He already had them hidden from Dean for years and some sickeningly real product of his subconscious won’t break his stubborn resolve.

Sam sighed. He just wished for whoever they were in this dream of his, that – if they were real – they actually confronted each other with their feelings. That they weren’t such cowards like Sam and that they could have what he was too afraid to ever try and reach for.

The End


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